From the Board (Avenues 31/32 – Autumn/Winter 2010)

Welcome to the last Avenues of 2010!


This past year has been a productive one for the Pine Street Foundation. We’ve published peer-reviewed research, presented papers at conferences, received lots of media coverage in the national press, and reached thousands of patients and doctors through our newsletter, Avenues. Click here for some of the highlights from our successful year.


Is there meaningful information contained within the breath that could lead to the early detection of ovarian cancer? In a collaboration with the University of Maine and the University of California at San Francisco, we are using dogs to find biomarkers in the breaths of women with ovarian cancer that could lead to earlier detection – and better treatment outcomes – for this disease.

So far, we’ve received breath samples from more than 100 wom- en and now just need:

» 12 More Women with Ovarian Cancer » 13 More Women with Endometriosis or PCOS

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Recruiting patients for any research project is costly. But your donation – of any size – will directly help us locate enough eligible women and obtain samples of their breath to complete this important research.

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Whether you’ve known us since 1989 or have only recently dis- covered our work, it is important to note that the Pine Street Foundation is one of the most efficient and cost-effective research organizations of its kind in the country. And since the vast major- ity of all our funding comes from individual donors like you, your financial support truly helps us advance the field of integrative medicine and benefits those in need of better treatments.

As you consider your year-end charitable giving, please keep the Pine Street Foundation in mind. We really appreciate it!