From the Board (Avenues 25 – Spring 2009)

Welcome to the spring issue of Avenues! 2009 is already off to an incredible start and this coming year promises to be our best yet, with new research projects and educational initiatives.


There is a growing body of evidence that suggests combining specific chemotherapy treatments for lymphoma with certain antioxidants at defined dosages can help improve drug effectiveness or reduce the severity of side effects. In this evidence-based review article, Johanna Altgelt, an associate researcher at the Pine Street Foundation, searched through thousands of peer-reviewed, published studies and discusses how antioxidants may enhance or, in some cases, inhibit the therapeutic action of specific chemotherapy drugs used in the treatment of lymphoma. Click here for more.


Is there meaningful information contained within the breath? Could this information lead to the early detection of ovarian cancer? The Pine Street Foundation has recently launched a new study that seeks to answer these questions through the use of one of the most sensitive and sophisticated scent detection devices on the planet: a dog’s nose. We’ve recently finalized our team of five dogs who will be part of this ground breaking research. Click here to learn more about this project.

We would like to gratefully acknowledge all the individuals, foundations, and companies who so generously supported the Pine Street Foundation during 2008. Your generosity is integral to the success of our mission and we hope you’ll continue to support our work during the coming year. Please help support our work by clicking here.