Educating patients and health care providers is a key part of the Pine Street Foundation’s mission. The following are our current educational iniatives:

Avenues – Our Newsletter
Avenues are choices. When managing disease, there are many different possibilities and actions one can take. The Pine Street Foundation, through this newsletter, seeks to illuminate some of these choices through evidence-based research in the hopes that by having more options, patients and health care providers will be able to make better, more informed treatment decisions. Click here to read back issues of our newsletter or to sign up to receive the next issue.

Becoming Your Own Advocate
Our Becoming Your Own Advocate series of articles are designed to empower patients with information so that they’ll be able to make better, more informed decisions. Topics include how to talk to your doctor, the use of antioxidants with chemotherapy, and how to talk to your children about your cancer treatment. Click here for all articles in this series.

Events & Lectures
The Pine Street Foundation holds various events and lectures, including the popular Chinese Medical Health Screening. Previous lecture guests have included John Robbins (“Diet for a New America”) and Colin Campbell (“The China Study”). Click here for information on all our past events.

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